Focusing your Power for Gymnasts

June 4&5 2022 – Kelowna BC

Mindful Massage is supporting athletes and coaches at the OGOPOGO invitational.

If you are interested in getting on the massage table during this event for a unique experience of Bodywork and Energy work, please get in touch:

For more on the meet: OGOPOGO — Okanagan Gymnastics Centre

For more information about Mindful Massage, check out What is Mindful Massage?

This image shows a young woman receiving relaxation massage on a massage table.

Meet & Greet at Pembroke Expo

May 13 & 14

Stop in at booth 15 for a demo or just to say hi.

Hope to see you at the Pembroke Community Expo, taking place at the Pembroke Memorial Centre on Friday May 13 from 4 pm to 8 pm and on Saturday May 14 from 10 am to 3 pm.
This event is free to attend.
This event is hosted by The City of Pembroke, Downtown Pembroke, and ECO Pembroke.

Also this weekend

The Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation presents 1st Annual 5km and 2km  Heroes Run for Healthcare on Saturday May 14 at 9am.

This new community run features run kits, placing medals, fundraising prizes, a 5km timed run and a 2km hero-themed family fun run.

Cheer on participants along the way

Proceeds from this event support the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation’s 3.5 million dollar Cancer Care Campaign. This campaign will help fund the expansion and upgrades to the Chemotherapy and Medical Daycare Unit at PRH. For more information visit

Thanks to the sponsors and volunteers for the 1st annual Heroes Run for Healthcare

Also taking place on Saturday, May 14th

ECO Pembroke hosts Robin Macdonald at the Pembroke Waterfront Amphitheatre from 10am to 1pm.

Robin is leading Earth Moves, an EcoSpirit workshop: “Join us for a transformational journey to explore our care for the world and strengthen our resilience, motivation, solidarity and vision to act for life on earth.”

For more information, contact or visit to register before May 10. Spots are limited.

Enjoy your weekend, and I hope to see you at the Expo!

Mindful Massage is located inside Pembroke Boxing Club

March 2021

Mindful Massage

23 Pembroke St. West
Pembroke, Ontario
K8A 5M4

(613) 585-1082


This location is also home to:

Pembroke Boxing Club

Inner Strength Training and Coaching

The Valley Gentlemen

Evolution Muay Thai Kickboxing

Judo – an offering from KMK Tactics

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

TEAM PBC – MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Hard Ticket Fitness – Personal Training



Compassionate and intuitive relaxation massage


photo @courtney_kb

Jennifer Schumann is a resident of Pembroke, Ontario. Jennifer is not an RMT and her massages are not covered by extended health care insurance plans.

“My education in Massage Therapy was based in systems that I no longer used or thought much about: Detailed assessments, specific treatment approaches, techniques, and protocols… much of it felt unnecessary. I combine my training and experience with my instincts and intuition.”

What is Mindful Massage?

What is Mindful Massage?

Mindful Massage is wellness massage

photo @courtney_kb

“It’s like I went on vacation.”

Mindful Massage is a good option for ‘rest day.’

It’s often a nap. Sometimes there’s snoring. And drooling.

Often there is a primary physical area that a client will point out that needs extra attention. Necks and shoulders get a lot of attention. Low back also.

Sometimes the work is a non-physical area, more of a general comfort and soothing that a person is needing. Or they are looking to shift the energy in an area of their lives. Mindful Massage can assist in getting energy flowing and balanced.

“I think that body-contact has the function of confirming one’s bodily being. We live in an age of ‘unembodiment,’ or ‘disembodiment,’ and I believe that the experience of being touched enlivens our bodies and brings us back into them.” – Sidney Jourard

“Every human being comes into this world needing to be touched, and the need for skin contact persists until death… Persistent denial of skin-hunger needs frequently results in excessive smoking, drinking too much, or more or less constant depression. People who have their skin-hunger needs satisfactorily met are demonstrably far healthier.” – Sidney Simon

photo @courtney_kb

It’s meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. And it’s a benefit to your health.

Drink plenty of water after your appointment, and plan for some extra time to yourself after your massage as well. It’s also common to have an extra deep and nourishing sleep the night following relaxation massage.

If it has been awhile since you’ve had a massage, or if you want to try relaxation massage, please call 613-585-1082 to set-up an appointment.

Welcome to Mindful Massage.