Mindfulness in giving massage

Here are a few of the ways I am mindful when giving a massage.

Intention: what are we trying to achieve – what is my intention?

White berries presented on soft focus green leaves

I intentionally prepare myself, and our space, to resonate with the energies of peace, calm, acceptance, flow, willingness, satisfaction, trust, openness, love, care, enjoyment, clarity, and others along the same vein. I do my best to hold these energies throughout our time together.


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Boundaries: firm boundaries ensure appropriate conduct and safety and allow for comfort, clarity, enjoyment, openness, vulnerability, and transformation.





Wild purple asters

Comfort: it is prioritized. Massage is not always glamorous. Sometimes I am guided to areas that might, at first, feel uncomfortable to the person on the table. Like your armpits! Sweaty, hairy, smelly? Others have hang-ups about their tummy, or their feet… This work is grounded in compassion, and it is my strong desire that you feel wholly accepted and comfortable. Which brings us to…

Communication: if you are feeling uncomfortable I want to know so I can respond. If I am not responding to your discomfort, I need an overt message. Verbal messages are most clear. 

Trees and sky reflected on calm water

Centring: I actively attempt to shift into a place of deep peace and stillness. When I tune into this place there is a sense of unity, timelessness, quietude, alertness, flow, clarity and mystery. It is also a space for gentle inquiry, as well as profound and transformative compassion. Centring is a skill and a practice, that still requires mental effort, and thus, mindfulness.

Delicate dew drops hanging from the ends up pine needles


Thank you for reading about some of the ways I connect to the concept of Mindfulness.

Please leave your comments below – I would love to hear about your experience of Mindfulness when you receive bodywork and energy work!